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We at Gaia Sharbel, not only we enjoy talking and discussing home energy efficiency. We also dream it, think it, and  breath it!! And since we believe that a great part of the equation for a true Energy Efficient Home is its inhabitants, (meaning you and your loved ones!), we always look forward for the opportunity to reach out to our community and get the dialogue going.

We explain the dynamics of the home, the importance of air sealing and the different types of insulation available for you, and how to choose the one that will work best for you. We also explain what an Energy Star appliance is, in comparison to a standard appliance.

We discuss alternative energy solutions, simple things you can do to save energy without loosing comfort.

We also discuss all the different programs available today to get free energy audits, how to get incentives to get the work done, and who qualifies for a complete and free energy upgrade work.

The discussions are dynamic and we bring “toys” to help understand the points and inspire questions.

We are an energy efficiency company, providing home energy diagnostics and improvements to the greater Hudson Valley area. We love to see our area becoming energy resilient, so it can become energy independent from foreign energy, which will bring great prosperity to our region.

We enjoy speaking at public libraries, churches, events, schools, local community day events, associations and or radio shows.

The information that we bring is priceless, so contact us as soon as you can so we can schedule a lecture for your community.

Other topics we enjoy educating our community about: Free Home Energy Audits, How energy efficient is your home?, Understanding the hiding green opportunities when having a home renovation, understanding weatherization improvements, how do the efficiency programs work? Identifying what can be done to make your home more energy efficient, the value of high efficiency light bulbs for your home’s light fixtures, water conserving faucet aerators, and the importance of programmable thermostats.

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Next Lectures:


March 26th


Clinton Corners Home Association


7:00 PM


Importance of an Energy Audit and the impact of a community embracing deep energy retrofitting their homes.