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 How to construct a Netzero home from the ground up.

 Solid developed strategies to accomplish the goal of having a NetZero home survive centuries using building materials that can withstand high winds and earthquakes.

 Demonstrating how using the idea that homes should be built to last a long time, it creates the perfect platform for making a superior high performance structure.

 There is always room for improvement on the performance of a NetZero home over the previous year.

 The importance of achieving  the lowest possible HERS score as the main goal without the use of any renewable.

 The secondary goal should then be using renewable to now bring the HERS score home to zero after all else has been attempted.

 Most importantly, how these goals are possible to be constantly be improved upon as our collective shared knowledge in building science progresses with builders who push the “envelope” in their construction.

 Demonstrating how this  last idea actually works with a history of the performance improvements in the homes built by Greenhill Contracting since 2008.

 The problems of owning super tight homes (ACH below 0.3) can be due to the fact that today's ERVs and HRVs are not up to the task.


A close look to how a Netzero home is built from the ground up


Holy Cross Monastery Workshops

Instructor: Anthony Aebi, Greenhill Contracting

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