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Joe Medosch

Joe Medosch operates the consultancy Energy & Environmental Consulting LLC. He’s a training consultant to Retrotec Incorporated, and a part-time staff member for Habitat X.

Joe is a technical wizard across much of the home performance field, and a talented trainer as well. He recently developed the Energy Management curriculum for Technical College System of Georgia, he’s a former energy manager for University of Georgia at Tifton, and he’s an Energy Management Instructor at Moultrie Technical College. Joe lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Joe holds the distinction of having designed his own slightly cryptic typeface, hand-grinding the characters of an old Underwood manual typewriter. Read Joe’s article in the 2014 Habitat X Journal.


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Lloyd Hamilton

Lloyd Hamilton, President of Verdae, LLC, is a Certified Geothermal Designer.

He designed the building envelope and geothermal heating and cooling system for the first proven ZERO NET ENERGY commercial building in NYS, perhaps the country

He consulted on the building design, designed and supervised the installation of the geothermal heating and cooling system for the first home to get a 100 on the Energy Star scale in NYS, meaning that it is a verified Zero Energy Home.

He consulted on the 25 ZERO ENERGY HOMES currently being built in a development in New Paltz NY.

over 25 years of field experience in plumbing, building performance, radiant hydronic and other mechanical systems

Jason Howarth

Jason Howarth Sales Manager – FLIR System since 2011

• BA in Communications at Umass Amherst

• Level 1 Certified Thermography - ITC  

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Anthony Aebi

Anthony Aebi, Netzero HomesAnthony Aebi, his mission has been to build the most energy efficient and resilient homes to last for generations. Since 2007, soon after building his first Zero Energy Home (ZEH), he has been committed to only build any new home to the same standard. Moreover, every home was designed and constructed to meet and exceed an array of voluntary standards including EPA ENERGY STAR, Indoor airPLUS and the USGBC LEED for Homes standards, including the DOE standards, Builders Challenge, Challenge Home and most recently, Zero Energy Ready Homes.

Anthony has been a pioneer in building Zero Energy Homes not just because he was one of the first builders internationally to construct a ZEH in a cold climate in the Hudson Valley area -upstate NY, but because he had the vision that “every” home build in the world should be designed and constructed to Zero Energy performance standards. To that end, Anthony committed himself into building Zero Energy Communities consisting of several residential developments.

Anthony is constantly pushing the envelope in improving his home designs and construction practices. All of his newly constructed homes are built utilizing ICF wall systems, triple pane fenestration, ground source heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation, energy efficient lighting and appliances coupled with rooftop solar photovoltaic systems.

Anthony makes the case that these homes are an economic and environmental solution. As an investment in our future, our communities, all nations and to the world’s future.


Ben Leer

Been Leer, New York Product Consultant for 475 High Performance Building Supply.Ben Leer, Ben is the New York Product Consultant for 475 High Performance Building Supply.

He has a varied background combining knowledge from construction, design, earth science, sustainability, and hospitality. He graduated from City College with a Master’s in Sustainability in the Urban Environment with a focus in architecture. He has a passion for creating environmentally friendly buildings, and is deeply committed to the Passive House movement. Ben is excited to provide his knowledge and unique set of skills to help clients achieve meaningful impact within their projects. He advocates for personalized customer service, on-site training, and hands-on assistance.

Want to learn more building science but haven’t had the time to make it out to one of 475’s

trainings or events? Ben offers in office AIA Lunch & Learn events and hands on jobsite

training. Have a plan that you want to take to the next level of performance? Send your

drawings to Ben for a free high-performance building plan review.

You can find Ben at most major events throughout New York.