Boiler before the installation

The Intellicon may hold off the burner until the water temperature (for example) reaches 172ºF. The Intellicon then allows the burner to turn on and take the water back to a 200ºF level. This is how we reduce the number of cycles of your boiler, yet the comfort level is not affected.

When the burner initially fires it uses a significant amount of fuel in the first few minutes of firing. Reducing the number of time it does this can significantly reduce the amount of fuel used. When the Intellicon allows the burner to fire it does so for a longer period of time. You can equate this to highway driving vs. city driving in a car.

The unit is a microprocessor-based, fuel-saving control for hot water (hydronic) heating systems. The unit reduces fuel consumption, wear on parts, flue emissions and electrical usage, when installed on any new or existing gas or oil burner. It saves energy by adjusting the burner run pattern to match the system’s “heat load.” Its action is similar to the industry-accepted method of “outdoor-air temperature reset control,” but does not require an outdoor-air temperature sensor or the need to profile the building in order to adjust the “reset” controller properly. Determines the “heat load” by using an easily installed strap-on temperature sensor that monitors the boiler’s out-flow water temperature and the rate that this temperature is changing.

Same boiler  after Intellicon has being installed

Boiler before the installation
Same boiler  after Intellicon has being installed

This microprocessor unit is like providing your boiler with a brain.

During the test period the ‘runtime comparison for the “on” days vs. the “off” days shows a reduction in burner run time of 9.97 hours (64.17%). Additionally the

number of times the burner cycled “on and off was reduced by 53 occurrences or a reduction of 42.4%

This validation analysis clearly shows the IntelliCon® controls deliver above the minimum guaranteed savings of

10% and, by significantly reducing “cycling”, should provide the additional benefit of extending the operational life of

the boilers and reducing the amount of fuel pollutants that are vented into the atmosphere.

These results present a compelling financial benefit resulting from the Implementation of the IntelliCon® Energy Saving Controls. Based on these validation results and at current natural gas and fuel oil prices, the calculated savings

for this boiler with the burner operating at 50% of maximum firing rate should be approximately $3800 per month of


The IntelliCon® Energy Saving Controls will deliver the following benefits to the owner and come with a 15 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

•  Guaranteed Energy Consumption Reductions

•  Reduced Wear and Tear from excessive on/off cycling

•  Consistent Temperature Performance

•  No Maintenance or Programming

•  Low Upfront Cost and High ROI

Technical Specifications

For systems up to 300,000 BTU

Illuminated LCD display shows fuel consumption savings, operating modes, system diagnostics and operating temperatures

Patented process reduces fuel consumption—typically 10% to 20%

Short payback period—typically 12 to 24 months

UL listed, “Energy Management Equipment”

Increased savings without replacing or upgrading costly system components

“State-of-the-art” microcomputer controller

Easily installed plug-in sensor(s) (includes 1 required sensor)

Simple installation by qualified installer

Easily programming with no special tools required

Maximum efficiency year-round

Reduces maintenance and extends boiler life

Fail-safe operation

Guaranteed to reduce fuel consumption

Mounting in any position via molded-on 1/2" Electrical Fitting

Size: 4"H x 4"W x 2 1/2"D

Operating Humidity: 5% - 95% Non-Condensing

Operating Temperature Range: -10°F - +120°F

Power Input: 24/115/220 VAC @ 5W

Control Circuit: 24 VAC/DC, 115/220 VAC

Relay Contact: 10A @ 220VAC General Purpose

Made in USA

NYSERDA Study Validates Energy Savings & Reduced Pollution With IntelliCon® Control Products from Intellidyne, LLC Study documents energy savings of 13% and reduced pollution by as much as 47% Glen Cove, NY (April 23, 2007) – A study commissioned by The New York State Energy Research and DevelopmentAuthority (NYSERDA) reports that the IntelliCon® control products manufactured by Intellidyne, LLC delivers energy savings and reduces pollution on heating and cooling systems. NYSERDA, in conjunction with Brookhaven National Laboratories (BNL), conducted the research at thirteen field-test sites where boiler, air conditioning and refrigeration system performance could be evaluated with and without the IntelliCon product. The study provided comprehensive proof that Intellidyne controls significantly and measurably reduces energy consumption and air pollution after they are installed. A major portion of this study measured and documented quantifiable pollution reductions derived from using the IntelliCon equipment. Intellidyne products are safety-listed by the UL in the United States and Canada as “Energy Management Equipment.”Findings from the study documented an average heating fuel savings of 13% and reduced oil-fired boiler pollution by as much as 47%. The data from the study also emphasized that user comfort is maintained with no noticeable difference. Data indicated that respondents felt as warm or as cool in the home or office setting as before, while realizing decreased energy costs and less pollution. Savings were achieved at a lower cost than other measures that may or may not net the same results.

Test results were measured in two ways. In the field, boiler, air conditioning and refrigeration applications were fitted with monitoring equipment and operated with and without IntelliCon technology. In addition, BNL performed laboratory measurements that studied the impact of the control on natural gas and fuel oil boiler air pollutant emissions.

Peter R. Smith, NYSERDA President and CEO, said, “From a fuel oil efficiency and air emissions perspective, these results are very encouraging. The results of this study of the IntelliCon control system can benefit customers, our environment and our New York economy.” According to Jack Hammer, Founder and CEO, “We were elated, but not surprised, by the findings from this study, which provides clear evidence that the IntelliCon control products reduce energy consumption and systems cycles while saving energy dollars and significantly cutting pollution. The comprehensive report is available on our website and provides details and tables outlining the testing and the analysis of the results.”

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 Older boilers and furnaces, and even many that are currently sold at stores basically rely completely on the control of the thermostat. Thermostat  calls for heat at the present temperature, let’s say 65 degrees, boiler or furnace kicks in, sending hot water through the house, once the house reaches 65 degrees, the thermostat stops the call for heat. Two things happens now, there is excess hot water in the system, so your desired temperature will rise by 2 or 3 degrees, hot water in the still pipes sits there now getting cold. The Intellicon device is able to achieve savings of 10% to 30% by constantly measuring the temperature of the water in the system 3 times a second. It determines the rate of change. On colder days, when the rate of change is faster, the Intellicon does little if anything, it allows the boiler to function as designed. On the days where the rate of change is slower the Intellicon intercedes. When the water temperature reaches the 180ºF level, but it is 45ºF outside the boiler would normally fire, the Intellicon holds it off. It does this because with 180ºF water it has determined that you can heat the building adequately, without affecting the comfort level in the building.

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