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Multiple Fan 101

4 BPI ceu’s

Day one session: Hands -on workshop on a real life energy audit developed to take you through all the steps required before any equipment is even out of the boxes. There are several considerations to take into account, including logistics and mathematical analysis of the building in question, calculate how many fans would be needed, were to setup manometers, etc

Multiple Fan 102

4 BPI ceu’s

Day two session: hands-on workshop is dedicated to Multiple Fan Testing with an emphasis on Compartmentalization, pressure boundaries, troubleshooting, diagnostics.


If you’re a tester, trainer or contractor who’s new to testing with multiple fans -or just wants to build your skills- this is the training for you. These courses are meant to provide guidance for the equipment and processes you’ll need for multiple fan tests. 

When you complete these workshops you’ll see that logic, mathematical analysis and/or experimentation is all you need to take on larger building tests. You’ll also be able to access the Retrotec QuickGuides and Manuals for future assistance as you work on your own projects. You’ll be familiar with the critical elements of competent compartmentalization testing.

The sessions includes real live work of manual testing and automated software testing. Be prepared to join this live energy audit “exercises” with real world conditions that will help you identify and solve many testing issues found on energy audits.


The sessions objectives include but is not limited to

• Setup & perform multiple-fan tests

• Test to a specific standard RESNET, USACE, ASTM & LEED

• Calculate number of fans needed

• Determine best fan placement

• Neutralize or isolate areas not being tested

• Testing the air barrier or normal operating conditions

• Perform compartmentalization tests like area to area or floor to floor test

• And Running 2 - 6+ fans simultaneously

The sessions includes live real work of manual testing and automated software testing. Be prepared to be part of the crew (exercises) on a real energy audit world conditions that will allow you to identify and solve real life testing issues.

Multiple Fan Workshops


Holy Cross Monastery Workshops

Stand out from your competition. Offer your customers another service that will be in much demand once the green codes comes into effect soon. Multiple-fan testing is one of the newest markets for Raters. These full two day sessions will cover the fundamentals of multiple-fan testing that is used in multifamily and small commercial structures

Instructor: Joe Medosch, Energy & Environmental  Consulting, LLC

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