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A little background on heat pumps

Heat pumps are a fantastic way to create hot water in the home; they absorb heat from either the air or the ground into a fluid refrigerant. This fluid refrigerant then gets compressed which drives up the temperature even further and a heat exchanger then transfers the heat from the liquid to water traveling around your heating system.

The thing with heat pumps is that unlike a traditional electric radiator that turns a 1 kW/h into one unit of useful heat, a heat pump converts that same 1 kW/h into 3.5 or more units of useful heat.

Therefore, electrically run heat pumps are actually a really efficient way to heat a home. However, because the extent of the hot water temperature produced by them is not as abundant as with a gas boiler, you need to ensure that your home is sufficiently airsealed and insulated in order for the heat pump to be a sufficient source of heat for the winter months.


Once you have energy retrofitted your home and your home is now tight and well insulated, the next question is, which to go for – a ground source heat pump or an air source heat pump for heating and cooling?

After the 30% tax incentive, there is not much increase in cost for the geo system, there are different stories in regard to system performance and longevity of equipment between the two of them -depending on what side of the fence you’re on.

It’s no short-range decision, either… Ground-source heat pumps extract heat from the ground, usually via tubing that is either buried in the ground or encased in vertical wells and air-source heat pumps relies on an air-to-air exchange.

There are plenty of arguments for both system, but what’s the best choice for you?

 That’s the topic of this presentation: Air source heat pump versus ground source heat pump to help you make a better informed investment decision!

 account, including logistics and mathematical analysis of the building in question, calculate how many fans would be needed, were to setup manometers, etc


The sessions objectives include but is not limited to

• Refrigeration Principals

   -Refrigeration Cycles

   -Heating mode operation

   -GSHP operation

   -ASHP operation

• GSHP and ASHP side by side

   -General definitions


   -Geothermal loops


   -A true apple to apple comparison between Air and Ground heat pumps


Air source heat pump versus ground source heat pump


Holy Cross Monastery Workshops

Instructor: Lloyd Hamilton, Verdae Geothermal, LLC

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