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Holy Cross Monastery Workshops


In this session you will learn how infrared cameras can help you uncover hidden problems on the property you are auditing before they become costly ones. Gain a thorough understanding of thermal imaging’s ability to quickly find energy waste, destructive moisture, potential safety hazards, missing insulation, and other preventable building envelope issues. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how adding infrared cameras to your toolbox can lead to healthier, more comfortable living for your clients, stronger marketability and greater profitability

What Can Infrared Do for You?

 We will work on a real life energy audit experience with the help of multiple blower doors depressurizing the buildings, actual live gathering data and helping develop a list of solutions for the energy retrofit.  You will learn how thermography has been implemented into standard operating procedure for many successful Home Performance organizations across the country.



How Infrared Cameras Can Reveal Hidden Problems and Save You Money

Instructor: Jason Howarth, FLIR Systems, Inc.

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