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Energy Audits

Our Energy Audit Services Are Highly Rated by Our Clients

Detailed analysis & exceptional customer service makes the difference

We train all of our professional BPI certified energy auditors to evaluate each house as a whole, prioritizing which energy saving measures should be implemented, based upon the guidelines of the NYSERDA program.

Before beginning a home remodeling you should make sure you will not miss any opportunities to make your home more energy efficient. An energy audit is a great first step in any renovation; the information the audit report provides makes it possible an often more cost effective to implement energy saving improvements on the master renovation plans. These energy-savings improvements can pay big dividends later.  An easy explanation for how and why your home works, and how to stop throwing money away on improvements that will not perform as promised is by understanding a key element of home performance and building science: That your home is a summary of all its parts, a system of interacting and interdependent parts; changing one of those parts modifies the overall performance and safety of the home. Secondly, understanding that your home is a dynamic entity, which expands, breathes and interacts according to its surroundings would make it easier for you to understand why perhaps your home is too dry, too wet, too icy, too stale, losing energy, or even making you sick. Some allergies and unease feelings can be traced to the house or working environment. A symptom you find at your home might actually be an indication of a problem elsewhere in your home, in the event of your house been too wet, purchasing a dehumidifier is just a temporary and very costly band aid, leaving unresolved the causing of the problem somewhere else in the house. An energy audit can determine a more permanent and effective solution.

With this new way of understanding home performance I now like to ask you: What are your home's vitals?

Have you ever had your home's pulse (electric use), blood pressure (air leaks), and temperature (your home’s cold or hot spot’s found), measured and checked?

During the energy audit we examine, measure, and evaluate every factor that affects energy usage or loss in the home, like the size of the home, efficiency of appliances, number of windows, orientation of the house with respect to the sun, insulation coverage, drafts from walls, windows, basements, attics, crawl spaces, doors, roofs, and efficiency of all home heating and cooling systems.

Our home performance professionals have the ability to scientifically determine different opportunities for improvement in your home so you never flush another dollar down the drain.

Our auditors use the latest technology to test the building for leakage and for testing combustion appliances in the home for safe and efficient operation. They take into account all aspects of energy use in the home and in the process of the audit, educate the homeowner on the findings so they can make better smart choices regarding the use of energy saving techniques in their homes.

We use a home modeling software that will interpret all data that was collected by the auditor during the energy audit. The software help us determine how efficient, the payback and return of investment for any suggested solutions. All this information would be included in the comprehensive energy report describing and comparing different energy-efficiency improvements and how they would reduce your monthly energy costs while also making the home more comfortable. This energy report contains savings estimates, labor with equipment costs, and payback for all energy savings recommendations. These are improvements that everyone can afford, since NYSERDA is currently offering some very attractive incentives, combined with Federal Tax breaks.

Your house is very good at keeping secrets, and sometimes some of those elements present at your home could be making you sick, so as part of our home energy it includes health and safety, a real value-added service


Installation services

We fully understand the techniques, materials and installation requirements for all work to be done, are licensed and fully insured, and at the end of the project, we prove that the work was done correctly by having the work tested confirming all was done according to the work scope design.

Having an energy audit and following with the energy and safety work will offer more comfort, lowering your energy costs and offering you a better and safer home.

Owning and maintaining a home can be an expensive and frustrating experience. Anything you can do to make your family more comfortable, healthy, and happy at home is awesome. Anything you can do to make your home more valuable and durable is awesome.


A home is your biggest purchase investment and it does not even come with instructions!!! You are not able to find reviews on Consumer Report like you would with a car, or have a home energy rating that would tell you how your house will perform, or how resilient is going to event in the event of a “off grid” situation.  The performance of the house is hiding away inside its walls and equipment, and even though it looks pretty, nicely painted with perfect beautiful wood work, its energy performance will only be reflected on your energy bills. You've invested way more than 10 times more in your home than in your car, so shouldn't we all be demanding a guarantee of workmanship, safety and energy performance from our homes?  You deserve to know what's hidden inside your walls!!!

Home performance strives in addressing increase of comfort, air quality, durability and energy efficiency.