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Dense Pack Cellulose

Approved for continuing education units -ceu’s, from the Building Performance Institute

Dense-packed cellulose insulation offers high home performance results by slowing down conductive and convective losses. It helps you reach your air sealing goals as well – saving tremendously amounts of energy to your client, but only if the dense pack installation is done properly.  

This rare, hands-on field training event will disclose “dense packing” insulation installation strategies on a real project site - not staged or using props.  Discussion will cover properly configuring and adjusting the insulation blower to achieve the dense pack goals, while using testing and verification techniques using an infrared camera to confirm that the required density is being met on the entirety of the space to avoid future insulation sagging. This training includes individual mentoring for all participants.

Proper installation techniques and best practices do not always come naturally to installers.  Even installers that have been doing this work for years can benefit from a hands-on upgrade to their technique. This training will take a step-by-step approach to teaching the “how and why” behind each action.  Through hands-on exercises you’ll use an infrared (IR) camera to collect, capture, and diagnose thermal findings.

This is a very unique building, balloon type construction, so we are also going to go through some air sealing techniques with the application of spray  foam to help us achieve optimal air sealing

Approved for continuing education units -ceu’s, from the Building Performance Institute

If you’re a tester, trainer, QA or a contractor who’s new to dense pack cellulose insulation -or just wants to build up your skills- this is the training for you. This workshop is meant to provide guidance for the equipment and processes you’ll need for the application. 

When you complete this workshop you’ll see that logic, mathematical analysis and experimentation is all you need to take on dense pack cellulose insulation. 


The sessions objectives include but is not limited to

Setup all equipment, including blower unit

Determine the work scope and discussion of different settings according to type of walls

Calculate air to cellulose ratio

Determine best hose size and placement

Discussion and techniques on air sealing for this particular application

Testing the project as we go along

Perform before and after blower door test

   As described above, this is not a prop exercise, but instead, a real live project that will impact a local church community. We are taking this opportunity to gather before and after data to develop a case study that would help reinforce the great value Home Performance provides to all our communities.  This community was adv iced to add more BTU’s to the place in order to make it “tolerable” to be there during the winter months; so several more radiators where installed to help move the propane heated hot water. On December 5th we were told that they have no hot water because their pipes are frozen. More BTU’s is not the answer because all it get’s accomplish is to released them to the outside!

Dense Pack Cellulose Insulation


BPCA Winter 2018

Insulation Workshop

Dense pack insulation is a sustainable, green product with the added advantage of air sealing the interior wall cavities. These separate two full day sessions will cover the fundamentals of Dense pack cellulose insulation installation.

Instructor: Gary Goodman, Energy Construction, LLC

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BPCA will be offering this training event Monday Feb 12 and Thursday Feb 15 in conjunction with the Home Performance Conference in Saratoga Springs, New York.  We have an excellent site (20 miles outside of Saratoga Springs) and a superior teacher Gary Goodman (35 years of hands-on experience as a home performance insulation contractor).

This workshop provides BPI educational credits.

Two workshop sessions:

Dense pack cellulose insulation 101 on February 12 starting at 9:00 am, ending at 4:30 pm.

Dense Pack cellulose insulation 102 on February 15 starting at 9:00 am, ending 4:30 pm

The Site: 4291 South Shore Rd, Hadley, NY 12835 (20 miles from Saratoga Springs). Lynwood Baptist Church is a country church built in 1869.

The Cost: $349 cost has been discounted by BPCA to $249. BPCA members get an additional 10% off ($225 for BPCA members) and Efficiency members also gets an additional 10% off ($225).  Onsite lunch and free parking are included.

Two for one: This class will be limited to 20 participants.  If we have more than 20 registrations, we will add a second day on February 15th as an alternative date. In this case, 5 people who participate on Monday Feb 12 are welcome to attend Thursday Feb 15 training for free to reinforce the content on a fist serve basis.  

Do you see any insulation in there?

Gary Goodman BPCA Winter 2018 insulation workshop
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Dense Pack insulation