Paint Our Town Green

Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County NY

Poughkeepsie Bridge over Hudson River

We are talking to different agencies and local donors to donate funds to help pay for labor.

This could be  your opportunity to get your name well exposed for a great purpose in our area as a caring green company.

The best part is-- this beautiful restored building can now be homes for low income families to enjoy with the peace of mind that at the end of the month their utility bills are going to be very small thanks to the use of your products.

Net Zero Project

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Searching for Sponsors

We are in search of people who wants to learn the trade, which you can then use for your own projects

Interested in learning the green trade?

Training Center

This is your opportunity to participate in the retrofit of an old building to net zero.

It is well known that an energy efficiency company like yours would want to advertise the great features that your different products offer,. So I have a  project proposal that would work with your company by donating your products to be installed to a current decrepit building in my area that is vacant at the moment. This project was of great interest to BPI, and they suggested to make this project into a BPI training center, so people interested in their BPI certifications can gain first hand experience.  The installation/renovation process will be divided into sessions which will be recorded as study tools for other interested people in the future. I anticipate the press would be interested in covering this event, creating an opportunity for your company that donated the materials to obtain advertising and get the community overall involved and aware of the opportunities home energy conservancy provides. Once the project is completed we would have a three day forum to provide all vendors  involved, the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of using your products and for the public to see first hand how your products work.

To help in the renovation process

Searching for volunteers

Home Energy conservation consultants

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY -A Dutchess County City moves a step closer to becoming a global attraction - (from article reported at Northeast Public Radio WAMC article, Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Dave Lucas)

The vision that Poughkeepsie New York will achieve "world class city" status is almost upon us - the Dyson Foundation is offering to pay 675-thousand dollars for a 2-point-7 acre tract of land - and promises to invest an extra million dollars - creating a waterfront park and tourist mecca. The Upper Landing site makeover is set to coincide with the opening of a 21-story elevator from the waterfront to the popular pedestrian bridge above. Restoration of the historic Hoffman and Reynolds houses will follow. Dyson Foundation project consultant Mike Duffy says there will plenty of green space, a brick plaza and walkways along the Fallkill Creek and Hudson River. Community Development Block Grant funding from HUD is expected to provide about $250,000 for the city to build a small pedestrian footpath crossing the Fallkill Creek to the adjacent Children's Museum. Poughkeepsie City Administrator Michael Long believes the waterfront projects and other development will make the city a worldwide tourist attraction. Mayor John Tkazyik expects the common council to approve the deal. The Dyson Foundation expects tourism in the region to increase - Almost 500,000 people visit the Walkway Over The Hudson annually. The bridge has resulted in 383 new jobs and $9.4 million in new wages.”

Our county is becoming very well-known nationwide because it has the longest walkway bridge over water, with easy access from NYC by train via  our charming local train station. Because of this, other fantastic projects are coming to our area that will increase that world exposure (Please read bellow).

There are several buildings that are just closed, collecting dust and encouraging crime. The idea is to renovate this building as close to net zero as possible and make them into affordable housing models

What a fabulous way to make your company part of this worthwhile enterprise and receive the appreciation of all our communities

Poughkeepsie-Be part of this amazing opportunity