19 Sycamore st LEED project we are part contributing with

19 Sycamore St.

The 19 Sycamore project is a registered LEED single family home in historic Rondout, Kingston, NY. Progress on the house is being “shadowed” by the SUNY ULSTER  Sustainable Building Advisor, SBA 2012 course as the LEED project prerequisite to the LEED AP exam.


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This house is the perfect project for any company who would like your products to be displayed and advertised here. The crew on this project is top notch and the house is located at a walking distance to the Hudson Valley Maritime Museum, the Trolley Museum, restaurants, schools, churches, a toy store, nursery, car repair shop, upholstery shop and of course, the river harbor; the perfect place for a refreshing walk.

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